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currently has larger arsenal than the u.s. with 8,500 nuclear weapons in its possession. exact numbers are a closely guarded state secret. thanks to you for being part of my program this week, i will see you next week. >> hello, everyone. i'm fredericka whitfield with a look at the top stories in the "newsroom." a 16-year-old girl is found alive after nearly a week with a suspected killer. the intense manhunt ended yesterday with fbi agents rescuing hannah anderson and killing her captor. and raging floods in colorado, a closer look at these deadly floods. we're learning a little bit more about america's newest millionaires. the latest on the 16 coworkers who hit the powerball jackpot. >> a father is reuniting with
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his 16-year-old daughter today a week after she was abducted in california. hannah anderson was found alive yesterday afternoon in the idaho wilderness. rescue crews were dropped in by helicopter to get to the spot where she was being held by captor james dimaggio. he was shot and killed by fbi agents. paul is live with us now in san diego. paul, hannah's family must have been overjoyed when they heard the news after such a very difficult week. >> reporter: absolutery, fredericka. i'm right in front of the grandparents' house. i saw them a short time ago off-camera. they're holding up as well as they possibly could. some what amazing they can keep it together. overjoyed, true, but bittersweet because these grandparents lost their daughter and grandson in this awful incident. listen to what the grandmother had to say about the news an how is indeed alive and well. >> oh, my god.
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i'm so glad she's safe. >> me, too. >> she's okay. she's such a strong -- >> i can't even cry anymore, i'm so happy. >> i really am. i want to cry because i'm so happy and i don't have any tears left. it's been such a hard week. >> when i pinned those balloons at that fence at that first candlelight vigil and her balloon took off, i knew it meant she was coming home. >> that was the great-aunt and grandmother. hannah's father issued a statement, nervous and excited and saddened for the loss of my wife and son and worried about what my daughter has been through. it is now healing time. anderson, now in idaho by now, we think, going to reunite with his daughter soon. as you may have heard, authorities said she looked well. back to you, frederika. >> of course, still unclear what took place in that week's time,
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whether hannah willingly went with mr. dimaggio, we still don't have details on that. >> reporter: hang on to that. detectives said yesterday and on camera they thought all along this was a clear cut case of kidnapping, that hannah did not go along willingly. the family also really wants to emphasize they don't think for a moment she went willingly. of course, she's with a man who's 40 years old. she's 16. he was a trusted family friend. he was an uncle. we had reports from friends who said he professed out loud he had a crush on her. enormous pressure on this girl and it's possible as detectives articulated she went into some sort of survival mode, in a way, going along with whatever he was saying knowing that might be the best way to sprerve her life after the death of her mother and her brother, fredericka. >> i know you will be bringing to us a scheduled interview with the grandparents later on this
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afternoon, 4:00 eastern time. we look forward to that. it has been a long painful week for the anderson family hoping and praying hannah was okay. investigators had been on edge as well searching across several states for hannah and the man accused of taking her. more on the emotional rescue. >> reporter: fred, physically, hannah is in good shape in the hospital in boise among other things and get caring from an fbi specialist and physically she may be fine but the trauma of this last week may take a lifetime to heal. >> exclusive video from hostage team members and other agents heading out on a dramatic rescue mission. amazing the teams in full tactical gear were delivered to waiting helicopters on in a u-haul van. a modest start to an enormously successful mission. >> suspect, james lee dimaggio was shot and killed.
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an naw anderson was located with deimagine zbloemt she appears well. >> the fbi team moved in on foot to confront james dimaggio. >> the area where these two individuals were seen was 30 miles from cascade. the only way to access it is by helicopter. >> reporter: the pair was spotted fierce from the air near their campsite. teams on food then moved in. >> special agents with the fbi's hostage rescue team along with salt lake city division of the fbi observed hannah and the suspect near moorehead like, at a camp side. agents moved in to rescue hannah. the suspect is deceased. >> fbi leasing few details saying the entire operation will be reviewed by a team heading here from washington and the suspect considered armed and dangerous and hannah a potential hostage, the stakes enormous. >> this is a homicide suspect in a very rugged area. we had a 16-year-old girl. we have to look at the tactical issues. it is certainly a complex
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search. >> reporter: a complex and successful operation ending a week of fear and grief. >> we're getting a better idea how this operation went down, after spotting the two near morehead like. the fbi moved in by helicopter dropping team as two hour walk away from that camp. they got up there, surrounded it, waited until hannah and dimaggio had separated, when they confronted dimaggio and dispatched him. >> miguel marquez, thanks so much for that update. harrowing details there. meantime there is a new amber alert on the east coast for a missing child today. this time, this amber alert beginning in johnston, rhode island but going national looking for malcolm crowell accused of killing two people and taking off with a 2-year-old boy. this nationwide search involve an awful lot of jurisdictions. >> it is. not just local, not just in
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rhode island, could be all of the northeast. take a good look at this man, the suspect not only in a double homicide, also this amber alert they just issued. 22-year-old malcolm cromwell, 5'6", 145 pounds, tattoos on his arm and chest. take a good look at him. police in rhode island say this could be all of the northeast. excuse me. malcolm cro wewell, massachuset. neighbors say he was in dark sedan and took off with this 2-year-old boy. we don't know the relationship of the two homicide victims and this 2-year-old boy he allegedly took. we do know the suspect has a past criminal history. police are holding their cards close to the chest and didn't release too many details but he is considered armed and dangerous. >> are they revealing the sequence of events, what this
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alleged double homicide is about? >> we know it started 5:30 sunday morning, all we know. he took off this amber alert around 8:00 a.m. local time, east coast time. he's driving a dark car. police say if you have any other details about him, we will give you numbers you can call not only state police. 401-241-8100. locally, 401-462-6237. this is a developing situation, very fluid situation. we get all more details as we have them. >> the search for the suspect and the 2-year-old. thanks, keep us posted on that. >> you bet. now good news on the wildfire front, the silver fire burning through the mountains east of los angeles is now 75% contained. it has blackened about 30 scare miles. some people still can't return to their homes. the fire is blamed for injuries to 10 firefighters and one homeowner. riverside county has been
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declared a disaster area. here has the image of the flooding that hit colorado. cars washed away by 30 miles an hour floodwaters, up to 10 feet deep in some places. one man described it as a raging river of black mud. with the rain ending, searchers are still looking for three missing people. the flooding killed one person and now the massive cleanup begins. what can we expects from the weather in the days ahead? let's check in about weather patterns of extremes. >> absolutely. you mentioned fire and still more rainfall. for parts of the south and tennessee valley. fredericka just showed you some video coming out of colorado as well as tennessee. more rain is in the forecast, all fueled in the stationary front and some showers heavy at times and a chance for rain in areas of colorado and looking at a chance for severe storms for
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oklahoma. what does the forecast bring as we go through the next couple days. you will not like this. as we go through monday and tuesday and wednesday, we have another front that comes through. the two areas will look at the haven't rainfall amounts in the mid atlantic and parts of the lower mississippi valley and even to the plains. that includes oklahoma city. that cold front is going to bring a nice change out there. the cold air is dipping in from the north. that means temperatures for some parts are going to run-about 10 degrees below average. you will say, is ill really still august? temperatures in the 70s. yes. that's what we're expect, tuesday, wednesday, once that front passes, typically temperatures in throw 80s an parts of the south as well. >> it's good for the kids. the kids won't feel so bad about starting school now. >> yes, they will. i feel bad for them. >> come on! be excited about school, kids.
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in the meantime if you look up in certain parts, you will see a meteor shower, tell us about that. >> these are images from last year. we're talking the peak viewing is tonight as well as tomorrow. these are the images and you're looking at the meteors and the debris. once that starts to hit the atmosphere, that's when you start to see it trailing and burning up. when they hit the earth they move at 132 miles an hour. not earth, earth's atmosphere. that would be a whole different other problem there. they do move really quickly. >> fascinating nonetheless, especially if you have a telesco telescope. you can see some with the naked eye? >> you can. in the northeast as well as the west coast. areas including the south, they have a lot of clouds including the rain. it always peaks in august. >> we'll have to make a note on the calendar for that.
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how neat. thanks, appreciate it. that heavy rain and flooding has been a deadly equation. now we're talking about the same situation, but this time overseas, in ag. floodwaters destroyed more than 100 homes in the capital of kabul. more than half the people died when their cars were washed away in flashfloods. it rained heavily about two hours straight friday, triggering the floods. it has been the first real rain there in months. and then this. it becomes deadly. 21 dead. most of the u.s. embassies in the middle east closed after that terrorist threat are now back open. the u.s. had shut down diplomatic mission is in the middle east, africa and they. the embassy in yemen will remain closed over fears of a possible al qaeda attack and embassy in lahore and pakistan will remain shut because of a separate threat there. on to canada and funeral for two small boys. hundreds turned out to remember
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4-year-old noah and his 6-year-old brother, connor. they were killed monday by a python that escaped from its cage in the apartment where the boys slept. friends say the boys loved video games and playing outdoors. unacceptable in life, they were buried together in a single casket. hannah anderson, now out of a kidnapper's grasp. but he emotional and mental anguish is nowhere near over. coming up, we'll hear about the symptoms she may be experiencing now and what treatments are available to help her recover. ] if you've run out of tissues and considered other things... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec® love the air.
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really pray for her recovery. she's going to have a really really tough road ahead of her. it's going to be hard. i don't know what she saw. i'm afraid to know what she saw, what she experienced, but she's tough like all of us or she wouldn't have been found. >> incredible. hannah anderson's family relieved she has been rescued from her alleged kidnapper, james dimaggio. she has been recuperating at a hospital although authorities say she did not appear to have significant physical injuries. her father told cnn in a text this, i am nervous, excited and
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saddened for my wife and son and worried what my daughter has now been through. it's now healing time. keep us in your prayers. the mental scars can stay with victims for years. psychologist eric fisher joining me now. good to see you, ear ri jrk, er. this is bittersweet. yes, hannah anderson still alive. still unclear at what stage she has learned about her mother's death and 8-year-old brother's death. there will be so many phases of healing and recuperation here. what is likely to be the first one, being reunited with her dad today? >> there's probably a situation where she's in shock trying to process this whole thing. or brain can only handle so much information at one time. a lot of times people disassociate when they go through that. this is probably feeling ser real and will take time to sink in. the key is they had crisis
11:18 am
counselors with her yesterday. i'm assuming and hoping the family will get her in therapy and keep her in therapy for a while. the other concern i have is a father and the person that brought this man into the family, a friend for 16 years. >> and there has to be guilt there. >> survivor's guilt is a huge issue and not only hannah and definitely her dad. he will need counseling, too. the tendency as a parent is to want to be strong and take care of everything. now, he has to provide for them and her, they will have support, but to make sure he is able to be a model for her facing what he's going through and potentially they're going through this together, not something they're each doing alone. >> you talk about the survivor's guilt the father might have. she has to break from that survivor's mode that she may have been in the middle of for a week now. we heard authorities say it's likely she took on this kind of survival kind of attitude of
11:19 am
taking it one step at a time, and then making sure that she still has a rather friendly relationship with her captor. >> right. >> in order to survive. >> yeah. that's the difficult thing. when you're trapped in an a situation you don't see a way out of. it was good for her to play the role she played. we'll find out more how exactly how that played out. it does help someone survive longer. as long as they can survive, there's things that come up. that has the situation that happened here. as long as she survived it allowed other people to do what they can to take care of her. his guilt will be significant but he was the one that sought after her and the one that caused death of her mother and brother. >> and the treatment she might need professionally or the support from her family. give us an idea of the emotions she might be feeling. there may be a host of things,
11:20 am
relief, anger, even withdrawal, all of these things, right? >> definitely. definitely. this is an individual process. it depends on the individual, depends on their temperament and depends sometimes on their neurochemistry. women are more likely to experience ptsd and especially more complex ptsd when they have trauma. >> how would zit play itself? >> there's immediate onset and delayed on-set. she might have nightmares and having recurring freshback of situation, emotional numbness as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. those take a while to work through? >> we're talking months? >> we're talking probably years. twra traumas get reprocessed at different ages and when life events occur. she may have a trauma later on that brings this back with a
11:21 am
fury later in life. >> we're wishing her the best. it's been an extraordinary week for her. only she knows what she's been through. it hasn't been conveyed and we can only imagined. erik fisher, thanks for coming in. yankee third mays bbaseman recognizan rodriguez is to return to the game today but the team is docking his pay. next.
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now to major victory for a one-handed mixed martial arts fighter who continues to defy all odds. joe carter has his story and more in this bleacher report. >> hey, what's up, fred. we're talking about nick, born
11:25 am
without his left hand and left forearm. it's a disability on paper you would think would give him a tremendous disadvantage as a mixed martial arts fighter. clearly that is not the case. saturday night, nick continued to astound by winning his 10th consecutive fight. he said after the win he news what it's like to be at the bottom of life and now that he's on top he's not letting any take it away from him. in 10 professional fights he's finished all by knockout or submission, all but one. according to an espn report the yankees plan to dock alex rodriguez one day of pay for seeking a second opinion on his quad injury. the loss of one day pay means a-rod has to cough up more than $150,000, subtracted from $128 million in total salary for a-rod this season. he's currently appealing his 211 day game suspension and currently in the lineup against
11:26 am
the tigers. giants and pittsburgh steelers have won four of the last eight super bowls and last night, these two teams faced off in the first preseason game of the year. three years ago, victor cruz showed up at the giants' straining camp and barely made the squad, this summer signed a five year $43 million contract. clearly the giants believe he will do much more of that in the season to come. the season officially starts in 28 days. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. joe, appreciate it. for the latest on sports go to the president is on vacation but he's still feeling the heat over the government's secret surveillance program. dan lothian is live in martha's vineyard in massachusetts. dan. >> reporter: hello. the president indeed on the first full day of his nine day vacation on martha's vineyard. as he pointed out the debate over the nsa, leaks and edward snowden continues. more on that story after this break. i'm beth...
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welcome back to the "newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield. a look at the top stories crossing the desk. number one, a 16-year-old girl abducted nearly a week ago is expected to reunite with her family today. hannah anderson was found alive yesterday in idaho after an intense search.
11:30 am
casey wian has more from california. >> reporter: fredericka, family members in the san diego area have been spending most of the past day preparing toronado the ultimate reunion between hannah ander son and her father, who is en route to idaho. in doing that there have been painful emotions the family had go through the past week. in the process of cleaning out the apartment where hannah lived with her mother and younger brother, those two now deceased, hannah's grandmother came across one of 8-year-old ethan's favorite toys, a spongebob doll. >> we went to my daughter's apartment and had to start going through some things. this is ethan's. i opened the door and he sleeps with this every night. i told my husband, move over, because he's moving in. >> reporter: as to when hannah will return here to the san diego area, family members
11:31 am
believe it may be two or three days. she has been hospitalized overnight toronado observation although she is reported to be in very good physical condition. also, her father is in the company of law enforcement and there are going to be a lot of questions that remain to be answered as this investigation unfolds. we'll see how long it is before hannah comes back this breaking story on that nationwide amber alert concerning a suspect of a double murder and a missing 2-year-old, nick, back in the "newsroom" with us now with an update on this situation. >> yes. i just spoke to the local law enforcement source in long island and they tell nesuspect, malcolm crowell 22 years old is now in custody. he was suspected in a double homicide earlier this morning locally in johnson, rhode island. police nell the fall river
11:32 am
massachusetts police department arrested him about an hour ago. here's a real big twist in this. the 2-year-old he allegedly kidnapped has not been found. the suspect has been located, is in custody. a local police source in rhode island telling me the 2-year-old has not been found. this story is far from over. >> do we know anything about the apprehension of this suspect as it relates to where the alleged double murder took place or kidnap happened? >> that's a great question. they were very mum on the details. it's a very fluid situation. the delays are not abundant right now. all we know is there some sort of relationship between crowell and his victim. we don't know what type of relationship they had. this started about 5:30 this morning. neighbors called police, police came to the scene, an amber alert was issued a couple hours later and this local law
11:33 am
enforcement source telling me he is in custody but the child still not found. >> that search toronado the 2-year-old has to intensify and who to look out toronado as it pertains to this 2-year-old. thanks. keep us posted. back to today's other top stories. finally a break on the california wildfire front. the silver fire burning through the mountains east of los angeles is now 75% contained. it has blackened about 30 square miles. some people can't return to their homes still and injuries to 10 firefighters and one homeowner. riverside county has been declared a disaster area. arizona's governor and two senators are upset with the obama administration after the federal government denied aid toronado that fire that killed 19 elite firefighters in that state back in june. fema says the state's request toronado assistance was denied because of insurance rules. fema said not enough uninsured
11:34 am
private people were victims to warrant a payout. singer edie gourmet has died. she had a huge hit on "blame it on the bosonova" and had a lot of hit tunes. ♪ >> gorme was a fixture in nightclubs and on television in the '60s and '70s as a solo and duet with her husband, steve lawrence. he called her one of the greatest pop singers of all time. eydie gorme was 84. president obama on vacation, but the issues dogging him have followed him to his retreat on martha's vineyard, including the nsa surveillance program. here's what he said about nsa leaker ed snowden before obama left toronado his vacation. >> i don't think mr. snowden was
11:35 am
patriot. mr. snowden has been charged with three felonies. if he believes what he did was write, he can come as an american citizen with a lawyer and make his case. dan lothian joining us live on martha's vineyard where the president is vacationing. the president says snowden is no patriot. we heard that in that press conference on friday and he should come back to the u.s. and stand trial. meantime, snowden's father defended his son today as he's about to embark on a trip to russia to see him. what is the back and forth now from the father and from the white house? >> reporter: that's right. so much on this story developing everyday. i just heard from a white house official who told me there would be no comment from the white house officially on these latest remarks made by edward snowden's father in that interview with abc this morning. the white house position has
11:36 am
been all along that edward snowden needs to be returned to the united states to face those charges. as the president pointed out in that news conference, to make his case. edward snowden's father was in fact defending, strongly defending his son today in that interview saying his son has always spoken the truth. he believes his son has sacrificed more than president obama and some other washington officials. he said he wants his son to return here to the united states but he also is suspicious whether or not his son could get a fair trial here given all of the comments that have been made by u.s. officials. take a listen to a little bit more of what his father had to say this morning. >> in terms of him character rising my son as a patriot or others like peter king who character rises him as a trite or. what i would -- traitor. what i would say is my son has spoken the truth and sacrificed more than either the president or peter king in their political
11:37 am
lives. >> reporter: he did make a little bit of news. he said he, along with the family's attorney, have obtained vi visas and would be traveling to russia at some point soon to meet with edward snowden, who obviously is there in russia on this short term asylum request that was granted by russian officials. so his father, expecting to go to russia in the near future to meet with his son. >> dan lothian, thanks so much for keeping us posted on martha's vineyard. he was a trusted family friend and showed no signs of mental instability. what caused suspected killer james dimaggio to snap? we'll take to a fbi profiler next. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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now, back to the story that rescued california teen in idaho, the manhunt for suspected kidnapper james dimaggio ended after he was killed by fbi agents yesterday. what is frightening about this case is dimaggio was a friend, who for years was entrusted by this family only to end up betraying them. mary allen o'toole is a former fbi profiler. good morning. you've spent years studying criminals. how does any know or suspect that something could go awry from a very long friendship, which was the case of this family? >> it was. and when we go back and look at other high profile cases that have recently been in the news, we've seen ariel castro, jerry
11:42 am
sandusky and this individual, james dimaggio, all of whom were able to carry out their crimes and really fly under the radar screen for a very long time. when you see people able to do that, it's because they put out there that life-style that appears to be very normal, and when we do see the red flag, at least in my experience, when people see things that are odd or unusual or they question, they'll have a ways to rationalize it, normalize it or explain it way. they don't just look at somebody and say, this person could end up being a kidnapper in 20 years. what we try to do with teaching the public is to be aware of people that have access to your children. and if you see something, even if it's small, don't just let it go by. don't just ignore it. really have to take hard look at that behavior. >> as it pertains to, in this case, the alleged kidnapper,
11:43 am
alleged killer, isn't it a situation where this person so ende endears themselves to a family and really looking forward to an opportunity in which they really do reveal themselves? >> it could have been he was looking for an opportunity or it could be, again, this is a lifetime, really a lifetime friend of the family. it could have been, as he was getting old er, different stressors and different factors were weighing on him and the family didn't recognize the changes in him and the more he was becoming focused on hannah. my sense is, if the family had seen that and hat put all of those behaviors together, they certainly would have reacted. >> some little bits of information is being learned about dimaggio. his past may have really been rather tough, particularly because his father allegedly committed suicide. how much of a role, if any, would something like that have? >> it could have played a big
11:44 am
role. we don't know yet. when you're assessing someone's behavior because it's potentially very dangerous, luke at what we call the triggers. those are those variables in a person's life that make it more likely that they are going to act out in a dangerous fashion. then you look for those protectors. those are variables in the person's life that may prevent them actually from acting out dangerously. what we saw with dimaggio, you saw the double homicide, he's losing his home, he sets his house on fire, he's now on a path of no return. those are huge, huge triggers. then you factor in his father seemed to have the same fact pattern in his life, with the history anniversary date of his suicide yesterday, that changed the whole complexion of that fact pattern. >> mary ellen o'toole, thank you so much. appreciate your insight. >> you're welcome. here's a question for you, for those who like to fantasize
11:45 am
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wow. talk about luck. a 12-year-old boy scout fuound
11:48 am
16 point carat diamond -- a 5.116 point carat diamond. he had only been hunting five minutes when he came across this honey diamond it. is the 27th largest diamond ever found at that park. michael gets to keep the pair-shaped rock thanks to the park's finder's keeper's policy. lucky indeed. to those 16 co-workers who found luck in the powerball lottery. each will get a share of that whopping $448 million! deb joins us live from new york. what can you tell us about these new millionaires beside this is an are really happy. >> not only are they really happy, they're also really really really lucky. the second thing we know about them, unlike you and i, the plan this is an are making are actually real plans now that
11:49 am
they have that money, not just a dream. the ocean 16 as they're now known, they work together at the ocean vehicle maintenance department. when the jackpot goes up to a certain amount, they each kick in six bucks for the nearby acne market. after the drawing wednesday night all co-workers showed up thursday morning. the winner nichols said she was very thankful and up in the clouds. >> my co-worker came out and shook me and said, we won. i want my husband to retire. i'm not, but i want my husband to. he's worked a long time. >> i love when people win money and give it to people they love. nichel and her family were among those who lost their house to superstorm sandy and sweeping away many of their belongings. it could not have come at a better time. there were three winners.
11:50 am
paul white in the minneapolis area says he like nic hrknichel now he no longer has financial worries. as a single purchaser, white gets to keep the $149 million, sort of. there's always a catch, right? the 149, if you take it in a lump sum option, that brings it down to $86 million after all the tax, it winds up closer to $58 million. >> still all right! >> not bad. i would take that. in a heart beat. for the ocean 16, i'll do the math for you, they'll each walk away with $3.5 million. life changing and certainly if they invest it well, save the brunt of it, they will be able to live very very comfortably for many years to come. >> very nice. i think how apropos of the last name, nichels, now nichels has a whole lot of dollars. thanks. appreciate that. very fun. the family, meantime, of
11:51 am
that kidnapping victim, hannah anderson, they are overjoyed and feel like they're very lucky now that she's safe. we'll hear from her grandmother and father after the break. lecoca-cola is partneringg. with nashville parent and charlotte parent magazines, along with the mayors of those cities, in the fit family challenge. a community wide program that offers free classes that inspire families to get out, enjoy moving together, and even track their activity online. it's part of our goal to inspire more than three million people
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to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make... together.
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11:54 am
it's an emotional day for the family of a 16-year-old girl, who was rescued after being abducted by family friend. an h an -- hannah anderson was found alive yesterday and her family was overjoyed but also grieving the loss of her mother and younger brother ethan both found alive last week. what more are we hearing about the family and the reunion? >> reporter: well, whole this is impending and that would be, of course, in idaho, that is where hannah's father is headed.
11:55 am
this is where her maternal grandparents live. we talked about what the result could be. there will not be a trial. dimaggio will not testify. hannah will not testify. there won't be some sort of sensational first arraignment, first appearance in court. let's see what her grandma had to say about that. >> the way it ended up for both hannah and jim, it's fitting. no one wants to go through years of jury trials and putting hannah through any of that. so, you know, i wouldn't want to see any dead, but it happened, and we're excited to have our daughter -- granddaughter home. >> clearly, she was alluding to the killing of the suspect, dimaggio, in the idaho mountains. let's hear what mr. anderson had to say in a statement. i am nervous, excited, saddened for my wife and my son and worried that what my daughter
11:56 am
has been through, it is now healing time. also, fredericka, don't forget that in san diego all week long, war room was set up in the sheriff's office. we understand on saturday, there were 30 detectives, agents up there, an all-star team, if you will, of crime solvers. when they got this word, we understand they were hugging and even veteran, hardened, hardened agent were crying, especially those who had children, as one detective put it to me off-camera, we bled for this family this week. emotional there as well. >> right. paul, credincredible search and incredible enending. we appreciate your reporting. thank you. we'll be right back with much more in the "newsroom." i'll tat. yeah, excuse me. the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first. it's mine. i called about that one. it's mine. customers: [ echoing ] it's mine, mine, mine. it's mine! no, it's not! it's mine!
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and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. coming up at 4:00 eastern time, more on the rescue kidnapping victim, hannah anderson. all the details on that heart stopping operation that freed her and killed her kidnapping. and another kidnapper in island, the search turned up the suspect and the 2-year-old is still missing. one young man's dream came true after he used an i-phone to make music and get a recording contract. forget the studio, ike lee wants your help in funding a new movie. what do you get in return? >> sit with me -- maybe you don't know basketball but sitting with me courtside, in my
12:00 pm
se seats, that's an experience. >> an experience indeed. so what's the price tag? so what's the price tag? "your money" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- lights, camera, flop. i'm john berman in for christine romans. if nobody sees it, will it change the way you watch movies for good? call it hollywood's latest disaster epic. no one in the film business wants to see a sequel, an avalanche of mega movies have fallen with a thud. columbia pictures "after earth," disney's lone ranger" and i ppd all fell short of expectations. with price tags exceeding $100 million, these productions will be lucky to make back half of what they

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